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Hybrid Avalanche Airbags

We deal with a development, implementation and commence of production of innovative hybrid avalanche airbags - new generation rescue systems for persons staying on mountains in the winter, directly exposed to avalanches.

Aerosize System


Author's solutions

AEROSIZE's solutions, based on a registered patent of the company, enable it to overcome a barrier related with limits of miniaturization of components of systems already existing in the market.

  • It enables, among others, setting up a new product category equipped with the airbag. Consequently, availability and functionality of such equipment grows up, also for professionals.

  • for whom ?


    Avalanche airbags users

    A globally growing demand for avalanche airbags effects from a growth of winter sports played on mountain areas, out of formal runs, based on FREERIDE rules : skiing & snowboard and in a TOUR form: skitouring and splitboarding.

  • They can also be useful for every other form of activity played in the area exposed to the avalanche hazard.

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